Live compassionately

Compassion is...
...standing in solidarity with all life, arising from a wish for mutual happiness and growth.
...creating an atmosphere of love and empathy. 
...not exclusive to simply humans, but all life.



Rancho Compasión was founded in 2015 in the beautiful hills of west Marin to provide a forever home to rescued farmed animals. What started with the Schinner family adopting two goats became a community effort, blossoming into a non-profit sanctuary that provides a safe haven for over 70 animals today.

Rancho Compasión’s mission is to provide shelter and care for rescued farm animals for their entire natural lifespans, and to educate visitors and students to help them rethink how they view animals typically categorized as “food”. Rancho Compasión promotes and advocates for a vegan lifestyle for the animals, for our planet and for our health.


Our name

Driving through the West Marin countryside, you may notice that many residences, stables, and ranches have their own name. To tag along to our town's tradition, and to honor California's old Spanish heritage, we've adopted the name Rancho Compasión, Spanish for "compassion ranch". Compassion is at the heart of what we do and how we live.



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