Through our Humane Education program at Rancho Compasión, we seek to inform and educate Bay Area students about the animal agriculture industry that produces our food today, about the conditions and procedures to which farmed animals are subjected, and about the consequences and challenges that our modern methods of animal agriculture create for our planet and all living things.

At Rancho Compasión, we have the unique opportunity, through the lives and experiences of our rescued animals, to tell their story on behalf the billions of animals that are being raised for food around the world today.

Humane Education Program

Through our Humane Ed program, local teachers have the ability to bring students to Rancho Compasión for a hands-on, thought-provoking experience with our animals, and to learn their individual stories. Our free curriculum for middle and high school teachers explores animal agriculture’s effects on our planet and includes a 45-minute presentation delivered by an educational non-profit organization, which examines with students the impact that our food choices have on the animals in the food industry, on human health, and on the planet.

The Humane Ed program is for Middle School and High School students. To schedule a Humane Ed experience for your students, please send an email to

Service Day Program

Our Service Day Program is designed to teach students about working at a sanctuary by allowing students to perform actual work around Rancho Compasión, and around its rescued residents. Common tasks which are undertaken during Service Days include fence building/mending, mucking the animals’ living area, cleaning barns, manure scooping, hauling and placing gravel and mulch material, and general clean-up tasks. A minimum commitment of 1/2 day is required for Service Days.

The Service Day program is available for High School-aged students. To enquire about a service day for your students, please send an email to